Research, Education & Justice - Christmas with ALCREJ 2017 - Houston, TX
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Christmas with ALCREJ - 2017

We will be celebrating Christmas Time for the children of West Houston Mobile Home Community (FM 529) on December 16, 2017 at TBH, 333 Jensen Drive, Houston, TX 77002. 
Our organization, ALCREJ, has been working in this community for 5 years.  Our mission is to improve opportunities for low income children and families.  ALCREJ is a 501c3 organization; therefore, all donations are tax deductible.
This year we have 190 children who will need sponsors.  In order for the children to participate in this event, we require a parent to attend a health and nutrition workshop so that everybody benefits.
We invite you to become a part of this year's celebration.  We are in need of sponsors and volunteers.  Each child receives an entire outfit (top, pants, shoes) and an age appropriate toy/gift. 
·      As a sponsor, you can select to purchase for a child or make a donation so that we can purchase their gift.  We have found that we can purchase for a child for about $50-$100, depending on the age of the child.  Your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501c3 organization.    
·       As a volunteer, we will need help organizing the party.
We have compiled a list of all children with age, grade and size.
What better way can we teach our own children the real spirit of Christmas than to have them participate by helping to sponsor a child their own age?
Thank you for your consideration!

Rita A. Farias
Executive Director